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MetMovers 5G 4IR

Methane Monitoring , Verification & Reporting System with 5G 4IR

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Issues and Problem 

  1. Incomplete site coverage

  2. Slow results delivery

  3. Restricted site coverage





What we solving ?

- Fugitive Methane

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Solutions and Implementation

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Passive IR Camera & IR

gas Sensors


Dynamic NDIR & TDL gas sensors with OGI Camera

with drones


Digital Twin Plant & Metahuman AI Chatbot

Image by Ryan Shumway

How Our Solutions Meets the OGMP 2.0 Objectives

The wide coverage of passive IR camera & gas sensors are able to cover all methane leakage possible sources

within the facility to provide overall monitoring of methane leakage occurrence. Digital twin plant visualization on methane emission sources and amount enables the facility owner/operator to manage methane emission with transparency and responsibly.

Image by Allec Gomes


gas sensor.PNG
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Passive Camera & Gas Sensors

Passive Camera : FLIR GF77a is the first uncooled autonomous leak detection camera. Comes with detection detection camera affordable, small and lightweight, High Sensitivity Mode(HSM) for improved gas visualization.

Gas Sensors : MQ-4 sensors detect the presence of methane gas (CH4) in the air. ranges from 300 pm – 10,000 ppm. Using MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) type sensor and operating temperature ranges from 14 to 122 ° Fahrenheit or -10 to 50°Centigrade quick responsive, long life and stable.

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Drone Dynamic Camera/Sensors

  • Efficiency : Outperforms foot search by 5x times.

  • Accuracy : Detected leaks are referenced to GPS coordinator.

  • Automation : Fully automated and repeatable surveys

  • Increased safety : Available at unsafe and hazard environment 

  • Precision : Sensitive only for methane , so no false reading

  • Reporting : Fully automated reporting


Optical Gas Imaging Camera (OGI)

  • The Workswell GIS-320 Thermal by FLIR optical gas imaging payload.

  • For unmanned aerial systems, unmanned ground vehicles, and mobile platforms.

  • Visualizes methane, hydrocarbons, and VOC emissions from oil and gas production, transportation, and use.

  • Can easily and safely detect hard to reach leaks or inspect wellheads spread out over a wide area in one pass.

  • Hidden gas leaks from afar with 320 × 240 pixel IR resolution, <15 mK thermal sensitivity, and 1-8x continuous zoom (thermal).

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Results and Outcome

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