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MAVI BOX Hub with 5G 4IR

MAVI BOX Hub devices with the combination of 5G connectivity and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

Image by Annie Spratt
~50% of work time in Malaysia is spent on repetitive activities that are highly automable.
The advancement of Artificial Intelligence will deliver the most value by reducing manufacturing costs, but the largest relative impact will be in R&D.

The Solution & Implementation


Dynamic Camera (Drones)

Routine visual inspection on manufacturing machines and environment

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Passive Camera

Machine-Vision Quality Inspection Unit

Digital Twin & Metahuman Chatbot

mavi box 1.PNG
mavi box 3.PNG

Implementation Architecture

solution architechture MAVI_edited.jpg

Solution Configuration Architecture

solution configuration.PNG
custom drone configuration.PNG

Custom Drone Configuration

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Technical Solution

Phase 1

Hardware and Software Setup (3ʳdᵈ Month)

  • Assemble the machine vision quality inspection unit

  • Create closed environment simulation for CCTV

  • Develop and train AI & data analytics model

Phase 2

Testing and Calibration Stage (6ᵗhʰ Month)

  • Collaborate with factories to get different product’s sample data to test and calibrate inspection unit

  • Simulate different workspace scenarios

Phase 3

Final Rollout

(10ᵗhʰ Month)

  • Improve based on feedback from Phase 2 Rolled out

  • Implementation in full pilot with small enterprise customer



Object Detection and Identification Results (Yolov8)

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